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Weeds is one of those shows that has a special place in my heart, at least for the first three seasons.  They were almost perfect and then things started to change.  I didn’t even pay that close of attention at first, and I could find things that I like here and there, but then it just got to a place where I was watching more because I had been watching for some time and had invested a lot of time in these characters and I wanted to know how they all ended up only to feel more cheated by knowing than if I had assumed.  Like so many great shows that ended “too soon” that we remember for their amazing openings, this show took that and beat all the life out of it, replacing a stellar supporting cast with guest stars, celebrity appearances, and people that aren’t any good.  There are so many actors that I wish they had been able to bring back for the final season to really wrap things up, but the show wasn’t about the group of people.  It was about Nancy, and that, if for no other reason makes me hate her.  It is as if the entire point of the show was that you were supposed to fall in love with a girl that is bad for you and doesn’t really care about you.  She gets rid of all of your friends and then just up and leaves you, long after you cared anything about the relationship.  Sure, you can think back to when it was amazing, because beginnings always are, but in retrospect it is mostly just a shame.