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I really don’t know what to say about this one.  I, like some others, am not going to comment on whether or not I think that he did it.  I am not in a place to know enough information to make an educated guess.  There are pieces of information that both support his innocence as well as his guilt.  I read a really good article about why this has become such a big focal point of public outcry and even more so why we don’t want to believe that he did do it.  There are certain aspects to a celebrity persona that overshadow who they are as people.  I write this blog and stand by everything that I say, but there are definitely qualities that I possess that I am never going to write about.  Everything that I write or say is edited to its utmost ideal, and some of those ideals are hard to live up to.

One of the bigger ideals that Cosby personified to me, was that of race relations in this country.  If you can think back to a time when cable and the internet were not even thought of, and the country only really had three channels to reflect life and political thought, there was a lot of talk about how race should be shown on television.  There are a lot of things that you can find to show you just how racist this country used to be, with one of the first shows in the country being in black face.  As the 60’s and civil rights were becoming more and more of a national discussion, blacks started to demand more representation on television.  There were several kinds of shows that took different approaches.  One of those was to show a struggling black family, generally in a sitcom and as a sitcom.  Cosby transcended race on I Spy as his race wasn’t really brought into question.  He was a friend and partner of a white guy and was just as competent and heroic as his counterpart.  Blacks were equal in billing and profile on the show, much like on Miami Vice later on.  The Cosby way to treat race was as a non issue.  Cosby would take it one step further on the Cosby show to talk about personal responsibility and empower the black community (or blame depending on who you talk to) with the idea that they are the master of their own destiny and how they will be perceived and treated in life falls on them and what they choose to do with themselves, much like it does on every individual.

To see such a person then be responsible for such things has racial implications and human ones.  If he was preaching that we are capable of personal choice.  He blamed the black community for the thug ideal and how he viewed they treated women and rejected education that would uplift them.  I find it odd that so many of the larger race leaders have had so many problems with sex.  I know that I, as a man don’t always live up to the ideals that I aspire to or the ones that Cosby so eloquently portrayed throughout my childhood, but that does not make those ideals any less worthy of striving for.  Ideals are meant to be unobtainable.  It sucks that so many of our role models are so horrible.  I am sorry for my own faults, but we can’t give up, because that only leads to one place.