Batfleck Vs Super Serious: Dawn of Awful

It took me a long time to come around to writing this and I know that a lot of other people have already said almost everything that I have to say, but as laughably bad as Man of Steel was, this is by far the worst big budget film to ever come out of Hollywood.  There were a lot of talks that it didn’t make back the budget when you factor in advertising and considering that Man of Steel pretty much broke even (this of course does not include merchandise, where I am sure they have made a killing) and this series of films could not be doing worse.  They have yet to have one success, not to mention a hit, when this film very much should have been the highest grossing film of all time.  There has been a lot of talk that this film single handedly lost DC any chance of competing with Marvel.  I’m not sure if that is true, but I do know that as long as they keep the same recipe going for each film, you are going to get the same or worse results.  The studio has to very much deal with the fact that they have another two films already in the can, and a third that is supposed to start filming this summer if it hasn’t started already.

I’m not sure if the rumors are true in regards to Suicide Squad going through extensive reshoots to put humor into it to be more like a Marvel movie after this film failed to make money.  I don’t really care why.  Not all reshoots are for the worse, with Mad Max being a very noteworthy film that did extensive reshoots to make the film that much better.  Of course that is what is being reported about Suicide Squad.  I’m also willing to bet that something similar will happen with Wonder Woman, though it might not due to the fact that Wonder Woman herself is busy in the Justice League movie, though there is still plenty of time for that to happen.

The first problem that these films have is that they are completely reactionary.  The whole reason that Man of Steel and this film are as super serious as they are is because they are trying to immolate the very successful Dark Knight films from a few years back, only Nolan is generally a very intelligent director that manages to hook the audience’s imagination in a way that Snyder never has in his career.  He needs humor and irony in a way that Nolan does not.  The idea that they are going to make an R rated director’s cut of the film so close after Dead Pool became the most successful R rated film of all time and many insiders were predicting that the main stream R movie genre was pretty much as good as dead.  Now they are finally going to try to be light hearted and funny like the Marvel films.  That too will fail because Marvel is almost completely made to be light hearted and funny where DC is generally a bit more serious and archetypal.  This can get a bit boring, but the best DC stories come when the writers are faced to deconstruct just why these characters are archetypes to begin with.

A few things that I keep getting said in reviews are that there is a good film in this one somewhere.  This theory would suggest that the film is simply too long and loses itself somewhere in the editing room.  I agree that the film is too long, but would also like to point out that there were some good ideas somewhere in them, but none of them ever finished to form a coherent thought and take a curve into idiocy somewhere about half way through the film.  These ideas are also surrounded by crazy, boring and inconsequential ideas.  I also would like to take this moment to remind people that the R rated version of the film is supposed to be considerably longer.

The easiest thing in this film to cut out is just how many establishing shots there are.  It kills any kind of pacing, which might have saved the film from its more stupid moments.  I think we can all appreciate that there are plenty of films that we all know were stupid, but we didn’t really notice until we were walking out of the theater and you start to think about what you just saw.  I know that Dark Knight Rises was a stupid movie that had some rather large faults in it, but I was also thoroughly entertained throughout to the point that it wasn’t until days later that I started to analyze how much the film contradicts itself.  A lot of movies use movie magic to cover holes in the plot line, but this film just repeatedly slapped the audience in the face with how little thought was being put into what the characters were doing and saying and part of that is the movie crept along at such a snail’s pace that you could stop and think about the stupid that you were being presented with.


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