Heads Up

I am really bad at having a blog.  I build so much into my head and very little ever comes from that.  I am the type of person that needs some form of schedule to be able to do anything, and then when the rest of life hits, I have found myself really struggling trying to meet the goals that I had set for myself only to give up eventually.  My current goal is to have one well written and thought up post up every month that should post about the first of every month.  What I have been trying to do is have it finished well in advance and actually have the time to go back in and make little changes and updates.  I, as always, love feedback and would be interested in hearing more about what you would be interested in me writing about.  I try to stick to politics and pop culture, but my interests are varied at best.  I don’t see me posting more than once a month unless this somehow turns into my full time job, and no offense to people that blog professionally, or to allude to not enjoying what I write, but having to come out with an article every day for money seems like more of a chore than something enjoyable for me, which this is.  I hope you enjoy.


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