The Fall of the Anti-hero

After doing some reading to expand my previous article, I am remembering an article I read a while ago about how all television shows are becoming the same and generally fall into very specific categories for each generation and become the plight of that generation.  when I think about what we have to say about ourselves, it is that we don’t really want to grow up and we all think that we are all doing it wrong.  We, as a culture, feel so abandoned by the system, society, the media, and all the bigger forces in our lives, that we have lost faith in ourselves.  The anti hero didn’t used to fail.  The Man With No Name didn’t get his come upons at the end of the movie because that is how it is supposed to end.  We are the generation that can’t be told anything, has to figure it out the hard way, and we are just waiting for the other shoe to drop and end it all.

I just read about read the finale review for SOA, and the idealistic outlaw finally got put down for following his heart, but on his own terms.  Is there a more nihilistic concept than that?  That you don’t get a say in what happens, and you might as well start working towards your own destruction.  Don Draper is doomed, Dexter can’t have a family, though probably should have died,Walter White was put down, but still went down in a fantasy.

It has equally been said that there is no place for women on modern television because they only serve to burst the bubble and substitute for the establishment, holding them back from man’s outlaw nature.

The one exception to this is Weeds, that shows a woman all but abandon her family over the course of the show so that she can get in ridiculously over her head with unhealthy relationships in the criminal underworld  The entire show could be one large warning to getting involved with partners that are bad for you and only going to seek out their own interests, much like is the case with her well meaning brother in law that is in love with her from the very beginning.  Much like the men in her life, we the audience are suckered in year after year with the promise that the show initially held, only to be tricked by the vixen.

I was listening to Bill Mahr talk in his ill researched documentary religulous about how we need to realize that we are going to be around on this earth for a long time in order to realize that we need to plan for the future.  He is convinced that religion has convinced all the rest of us that because of the looming apocalypse that we don’t really care about the wars or environment because GOD and stuff.  I am not sure that I share such a view, but one thing that I do believe is that we all see our own deaths and we all see a new world of consequence in this country that seems all but obsessed with punishment.  We all seem to becoming more focused on futility of the individual and therefore we don’t really care if there is a world for anyone else.  We don’t believe that we can achieve.

I like to think that I have overcome some of the most challenging circumstances that a person can overcome. I don’t say that to mock others or to try and one up anyone, so please avoid trying to tell me about this one time…, but to say that I am still here.  I have faced death, mental illness, child abuse, and a slew of other problems, and I am still here, and all that I can think back to is that I could have done more and that all of those things are really nothing more than excuses as to why I didn’t do more with my life.

Funny enough, and I promise in good faith that I actually had started writing this well before I got the news, but there is a chance that I might actually be writing a TV series in the near future.  I am getting ready to do a pilot for a company that is looking to show it to a bunch of online service subscription sites (Netflix, Yahoo, Hulu, Amazon, etc..) and while I never really gave thought to it, mostly because I thought that funding two hours of product was hard enough without trying to fund 12, I am not going to pass on my opportunity.  I think that if there is one idea that I want to get across, it is the one where my grandmother rides roller coasters.  I used to love them.  When I was a kid I would ride them all the time.  It was the only real reason that I would go to the parks.  I remember one summer my cousin came up and had me try a new ride.  She promised me that I would like it.  I wasn’t so sure so she told me that if I got sick or didn’t like it she would pay me 10 bucks.  From that moment on I was committed to making myself sick, because I wanted that money more than I wanted to be happy, and so I was.  As I got older, all rides started to make me sick.  I would think that it was just one more trick that your body pulled on you on your way to the grave.  But my grandmother, 91, loves them.  Sometimes life is a mindset.


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