This really isn’t where I intended to start this blog.  I had a bunch of other ideas, but this just keeps showing up on my news feeds, as friends keep talking about it on both sides, even more so than the recent NFL scandals which I want to get to shortly.  Nude celebrities.  This has been a big deal in Hollywood for a long time.  There was a time that actresses simply did not do nudity, ever.  Women that did nudity, even in films that were not pornographic, were treated much like we treat pornographic actresses that try to cross over into mainstream films now.  I can honestly appreciate the notion of privacy.  I can also appreciate the things a person is willing to do when they are trying to pay the bills.  I also enjoy looking at women naked.  I’m not going to lie, and there is no better porn than celebrity porn.  As much as I will tell you that celebrities, and I do know and keep in contact with a few, are just normal people who just happen to be better spoken and have more money than the national average, I will also say that there is something special about them.  There is something sick and twisted in myself that feels almost validated by the fact that someone who is rich and famous would use me as her dirty little secret, even though in all honesty I can tell you that I think I am for all accounts a much better person than she will ever be.  I also dated a fairly successful, though hardly famous model for a long period during my youth, and I can tell you that besides the physical appearance, had many problems of her own, but not more so than a normal person.

I think that a part of this might have something to do with the fact that men compete for women.  It is part of the DNA of mating and bonding.  Women actually expect this.  It is as much cultural as it is biological.  The real difference between a girl that you lust after who happens to be an actress and the receptionist that works in your office is that not everyone knows your receptionist.  There are a limited number of people that will ever see her or appreciate her beauty or compete for her affections.  Everyone wants to bang Jennifer Lawrence.  Her entire career revolves around men finding her desirable.  You can argue that I don’t really know Jennifer Lawrence, and you would be right, but I can also argue that you probably don’t really know the cute girl from work very well.  Most of us will never attempt to go after the cute girl that we have a crush on because most crushes never go very far past the physical.  The truth is that a lot of people with desirable physical traits never bothered to develop themselves or their personalities.  I don’t mean to perpetuate the stigma of dumb blondes, but I’m a firm believer that stereotypes exist for a reason.  The point is, that most of us will never even try for our crushes.  It ruins our projections of what these embodiments of sex are actually like.  It reminds me of the Almadovar film Talk to Her, where a man who is a nurse falls in love with a woman in a coma whom he never met in a conscious state.

I remember there was an actress that I had the biggest crush on in high school, mostly because of her personality in a particular film.  I followed her career after, despite it not really going anywhere, and found that she was a person that I would probably hate in real life.  All of her life aspirations, interests, and political leanings were the exact opposite of mine.  That is a really big reason why so many of today’s stars say little about their actual real life.  To many of my friends, the most beautiful woman in the world is Scarlet Johansen, and what I have noticed more and more about her is that I know almost nothing about her.  I couldn’t tell you anything from her personal life outside of who she is fucking or dating.  I don’t know anything about her personality other than her laugh and that she is rather agreeable.  The secret to getting people to want to fuck you, is to take the you outside of yourself and let people create you into whatever is in their own imagination.  You can in fact please all the people all the time.

So what does this have to do with sex workers and people stealing naked pictures.  Well, unlike porn stars, we in society have an unspoken rule that if things are “leaked”, then it is not intended and therefore not porn and because we the male audience feel a bit guilty, we don’t judge them the way that we do girls who sell porn.  Starting with the whole Pamela Anderson tape, that was a really big deal and was able to sell for lots of money as well as to help elevate the status of a TV star.  Didn’t quite make her career beyond selling the tape, as she was already an established sex symbol and model.  When Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian released leaked tapes, they were not famous before the sex tapes, that also made a lot of money and created media empires for both women.

Now we have actual movie stars that are doing nudity, but not in movies.  Not too long ago, the idea of an R rated film making a lot of money was not a far fetched idea.  Actresses have long forgone the idea of doing love scenes and nudity in film.  We can act like it is artistic or whatever, but at the end of the day, we like viewing naked women in the viewing public.  Somewhere along the way, R rated movies stopped making money with so much of a movie’s business coming from overseas, and now there is no outlet to tease fans to get them to see a film.  So now we have leaked photos of the stars of these films baring it all, and rather than alienating the female audience, women support the actresses for going through a “sexual crime.”

I am also the father to a baby girl, and I would hate to have anyone steal personal photos to distribute online.  I cringe at the thought of boys sharing that around her school to ridicule her or a cunning ex posting such things in revenge porn.  This is none of that.  This is the very rich’s ploy to tell you that they are just like you in an attempt to get even more of your money while slut shaming sex workers under the guise of choice.  The discussion to me is what kind of society have we become that these managed celebrity entities can’t just pose for playboy anymore.  That as much as we sexually objectify them, that we can’t accept their sexuality or our own.

Feel free to tell me that you think that I am wrong or that I missed the point, but don’t forget to follow the money.  I’m not saying that they deserve this for being famous, I’m saying they are doing this to be more famous.  I remember that Kate Upton, the model that was also hit in the recent round of share the nudity, had some nude photos that were leaked a few years ago from a nude photo shoot where the actual nudity was hid behind her carefully placed obstructions.  J Law was nude almost every day for the X Men films in order for you to look at her tits, albeit behind a flimsy piece of plastic.  Lots of people standing around while she was exposed.  Plenty of publicity photos were leaked then as well.

I’m really interested in hearing some more takes on this.


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