American President

I think that most people would agree that politics are pretty much a joke in this country.  I put a huge blame on the two party system.  Almost the entire election process, especially when regarding the presidential elections, is to prove that you are not as bad as the other person.  With the exception of Obama’s first bid at office, which quickly turned out to be a nightmare because he lied throughout his entire campaign because of political realities or just simple incompetence.  I don’t know of many people who actually studies politics that actually likes Obama, but most Democrats are quick to point out just how much worse Romney was.  Now, I do lean a little more on the conservative side, especially when it comes to economics, but Romney is way to associated with big business and I have to say that he was just as bad as Obama in different ways, though every time I think that I might have voted for him, I am reminded that the two states I could potentially have voted in went red, so it wouldn’t have made any difference.  I keep trying to tell people about third party candidates, People are more afraid what the other party would do to them than they are concerned about what it is that their own is doing.  We don’t care that we don’t like our government or the people we elect.  After all, it could be worse.

I think the first step for me was to realize that one is just as bad as the other.  Neither party stands by the principles for which they were started.  They have abandoned you.  I generally take this time to try and spread the word of the Libertarian Party, but since I know that many of you have already heard my rants, I am going to take another stab at what I see the issues at hand being.

What if each state elected one candidate.  There were no party affiliation, and literally anyone could run.   Now here is where things get unique.  For a couple hours a week, there was a show called “The American President”?  It would be run pretty much like American Idol.  Each candidate would get the same amount of time to talk about the same topic.  Every week there was a vote and one went home.  No candidate was allowed to be on any kind of media or was able to campaign outside of the show.  The only things that were allowed outside of the show were formally written policy suggestions about that week’s topic.  This might actually force some people to do some research and have candidates stop talking about abortion as if it were still a relevant issue (For the record, I am anti-abortion as it stands now, though I don’t really want to get into that now.  What is important to me is that even though Roe Vs. Wade is not in any danger of being overturned any time soon, people still talk about abortion, when the office they are campaigning for has nothing to do with abortion rights.  There are so many relevant issues that we gloss over because people don’t understand them.  Candidates talk about these issues because it elicits a strong emotional response from people.  I swear, I have seen a person running for sheriff talk about his abortion platform.  We let them get away with this.)


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